Battlestar Hypatia

The End Has Arrived...

Military Survivors: 5,739
Civilian Survivors: 54,091
Total Survivors: 59,830

The Twelve Colonies, after a terrible war peace had finally been established and lasted for decades. Generations grew up in a world that had never known the horrors of mass destruction and unlimited warfare. Despite paradise seeming permanent, Fleet Command knew that there was always a chance that the demon would return some day.

The Battlestar Hypatia had been dispatched on a secret mission, jump to the edge of Cylon territory, deploy a specialized stealth Raptor and make sure the Cylons were keeping up their end of the bargain. Just as the raptor returned, numerous jumps were detected. Within seconds the Hypatia was surrounded by the enemy. Worst of all, through someone who had become a friend and confidante of many in the crew, the enemy was inside too. After a drawn out battle the Hypatia was left without its Commanding Officer, two hundred dead and many more injured. Engaging in a last ditch effort to return home and warn the Fleet about the threat a blind jump was engaged just as the final nuclear warheads were about to destroy it once and for all. Now the Hypatia must ascertain the situation back home and proceed from there, the fight is not over.

The Hypatia is rated 18+ due to possible content inappropriate for minors. As part of this rating writters are allowed to:
Use swear and otherwise mature language
Post sexual content, though common sense restrictions related to common decency apply
Post graphic depictions of violence, though common sense restrictions related to common decency apply.

As a rule, do not engage in offensive content just to offend but only if the story calls for it.

Latest Mission Posts

» Coming To

Mission: Episode 1: Prelude to War
Posted on Thu Dec 2nd, 2021 @ 5:10am by Commander Aurore Graystone & Major Elias Pickett

Elias felt immense pressure on his forehead as his eyes fluttered open. He attempted to sit up, though he found himself moving quite sluggishly. He looked around as his eyes came into focus and found himself sitting on a casualty gurney just inside sickbay. He brought a hand up to…

» Unstoppable Force Immovable Object

Mission: Episode 1: Returning Home
Posted on Thu Dec 2nd, 2021 @ 2:52am by Commander Aurore Graystone & President Adrasteia Eros

With the initial heat of battle at ease somewhat now that they were decently safe from further Cylon attacks and with a second rise in station in as many days, the meeting between the most powerful women in the Fleet had become unavoidable. As she waited for the President to…

» Stargazing

Mission: Episode 1: Prelude to War
Posted on Tue Nov 30th, 2021 @ 2:10am by Corporal David Novak & Corporal Vilhelmina Nimitz

David had pulled another shift at his duty post and, after he was finished, went back to the rack early to change out of his uniform. He hoped Vilhelmina wouldn't be there since he was getting ready for a date with her and he thought it might be strange for…

» Pumping Iron

Mission: Episode 1: Prelude to War
Posted on Fri Nov 26th, 2021 @ 5:46pm by Corporal David Novak & Corporal Vilhelmina Nimitz

Vilhelmina had gotten some rest and needed to work out some frustration. So she was hitting the iron pretty hard. She was wondering if David was going to come in a join her.

The doors to the marine gym parted automatically and Corporal David Novak walked in with a confident…

» An Old Enemy Returns

Mission: Episode 1: Prelude to War
Posted on Wed Nov 24th, 2021 @ 8:57pm by Captain Leonard Springer

Leonard felt himself being pulled out from the dark abyss of sleep as his eyes fluttered open. Something feels off, he thought as he sat up in his bed and looked at the clock on the small desk near his bed. The clock read "04:30" shipboard time. He gave the…