Battlestar Hypatia

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Remembering the Lost

Posted on Wed Aug 14th, 2019 @ 6:02am by Commander Aurore Graystone

Mission: Episode 1: Returning Home
Location: CO Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 2200

After her meeting with the Chief of the Deck Aurore found herself in a position she hadn't been in for two days now. Alone, and with time for herself. She had probably unconsciously made sure to constantly be busy with something, not that there wasn't a ton of work left but mentally she had also been avoiding facing a grim reality. Her parents and her little sister and older brother were on Caprica, her other sister and brother quite likely on the ships hit in the initial strike. And then there was Theseus. She had missed her husband for months, unable to call or send messages due to the secrecy of their mission and the range they were operating at.

What hurt the most was that they hadn't exactly departed on the best of terms. Theseus had wanted her to transfer to a planetside position but Aurore had grown to love the Hypatia and knew her chances were much better on it to advance career wise than on Caprica or Scorpia. As she thought back to the fight there were so many things she wanted to take back. And now, he was gone. They were all gone. She was alone in the universe and the only person on the ship who could not show weakness, because if the crew doubted her leadership for even a minute it was all over.

And then there was the morbid reality of now living in the same place as her old Commander and perhaps the best friend she had. With tears in her eyes she moved for one of the cabinets where she knew the Commander had hidden a bottle of Ambrosia for special occasions. She figured this qualified, albeit in the negative. As she dusted off the label she grabbed a glass and filled it nearly to the brim. "To you, Theseus" she said as she emptied the glass in one swift move before pouring herself another one. Once the bottle could provide no more relief she threw herself on bed crying over the family, love and friends now lost. "Please forgive me Theseus, one day I will be with you but for now the Hypatia needs me. Humanity needs me"

As she spoke the intoxication slowly made her fall asleep, probably the first real night's rest she had since the explosion. Tomorrow would be facing the hells again.


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