Battlestar Hypatia

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Going Home, Part 2

Posted on Mon Nov 18th, 2019 @ 5:30pm by Commander Aurore Graystone & Lieutenant Emily Garner & Petty Officer, 1st Class Ava Viers & Captain Michelle "Ghost" Rochelle & Lieutenant Julian Durand & Chief Petty Officer Abel Yannik & Captain Joan Willow & Lieutenant Leonard Davies & Lieutenant Fabia Sagitarii & Lieutenant Dana Firelli & Lieutenant JG Zak Clellan & Lieutenant JG Jack Shaw & Ensign Kendra Belzen & Ensign Jurgen Bordan & Petty Officer, 1st Class Cyrus Stark & Crewman Specialist Hera Vireem & Deckhand Denise Kowalski & Master Sergeant Jacob Donovan & Corporal Michael Taylor & Private, 1st Class Gara Teed

Mission: Episode 1: Returning Home
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 1830


In the words of her old CAG, they were in a big frakkin pile of crap. With three minutes on the jump left and dozens of Basestars with thousands of raiders approaching the already battered Battlestar things were not looking good. Furthermore, Fleet Command wouldn't go off-line, for something to cut off all military communications they were either using jamming technology well beyond Colonial levels which raised the scary thought of whatever technology they had developed. Or worse, there no longer was a Fleet Command to talk to.

"Frak it Michael, I could really use your advice right now"she muttered as she looked at the screens in front of her.

"Lieutenant Durand, is there any way we can speed up the jump prep?" Aurore asked, internally already knowing the answer but hoping that for once this day something would go in their favour. Scorpio was already lost but something had to have survived. They couldn't have hit all the Colonies.

Looking at his display, and typing in a few commands, Julian responded, "I can cut it by about fifteen seconds, but anything more than that and we'll likely end up in a sun, Sir."

"Get me every second you can" Aurore replied as she continued focusing on the DRADIS hits that had reached a level the screens were almost entirely filled.

"Major, what is the status on our alert vipers? We're sitting ducks out here against those raiders."

The XO took that as a request for him to contact the flight deck, again, and get an update, so he lifted the nearest telephone receiver and called into it. "Flight Deck, this is the XO. Status on the alert vipers?"

Flight Deck

Michelle was trying to keep her cool waiting for the rest of her birds to be refuelled and rearmed. Time was clicking. Finally she got the ok from the deck chief. "XO, this is Ghost. Viper Squadrons refuelled, rearmed and launching. Tally ho! Let's go shoot some toasters! LAUNCH!", she hollered and gunned the catapult.

Abel was guiding the vipers into the tubes as the one infront launched, "Get your butts in gear, lets get the boys in the sky to fry some toasters." Abel started running between fighters helping to push fighters into the tubes, he was sweating buckets by the time the last on alert fighters where gone. "Get the next lot ready to go guys this might end up being a long one. Also check that recovery is all green because they will be doing combat landings so lets get ahead of the game."

Dana "Sunshine" Firelli was the next after the CAG to have her Viper ready and in the air. As she joined the defensive formation building around thir home in space she could feel adrenaline rush through her veins. "Let's bust some motherfrakkin toasters. No offence, Clellan" She said, referring to the pilot with the unfortunate callsign 'Toaster' in the final bit and to lighten the mood.


In the CIC, the XO slammed the telephone receiver down and looked across the table at the Colonel. "All Vipers are in the air," he revealed.

For the first time she allowed herself to sigh as the mobile first line of defence was outside. She grabbed the phone in front of her and placed it at her ear and mouth. "Ghost this is Hypatia Actual. Stay close to base but be careful of our anti-air. You will have seconds to get back when we're jump ready" She spoke befor placing the device down again.

"Engage enemy fighters with anti-air, prepare nuclear missiles for the Basestars. We're not going to take this lying down" Aurore ordered as she felt some sweat form on her face due to the tension.

"Hypatia Actual, tbis is Ghost understood out", Michelle said leaving the channel open but now opening the two way between her fighters and herself. "Ghost leader to squadron, form defensive pattern around Mother. Watch anti-air from Mother. Stay close. Be ready to fast back to the barn when about to jump," Michelle said, as she glamed another toaster.


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