Battlestar Hypatia

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Meeting with the CO

Posted on Fri Aug 16th, 2019 @ 12:11am by Commander Aurore Graystone & Chief Petty Officer Abel Yannik

Mission: Episode 1: Returning Home
Location: CO's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 2100

Abel had known the Colonel for a few years now, he had been the lead petty officer on the team that maintained her squads' vipers. He did a good job and she never had a complaint about how it flew which he couldn't say about many pilots he worked with. He didn't know why the Colonel wanted to see him but things had been crazy, the ship had lost its Commander but the deck had lost its chief so maybe the new boss wanted to make sure Abel was not drowning in his new role. The truth was Abel was doing ok but that might be due to the fact he had not really stopped since it happened. What he had noticed was that they had lost a lot of good people and the deck was running beyond full speed and sooner or later mistakes would be made or people would snap.

Maybe that's what she wanted to talk to him about, maybe she wanted to see if they had enough people to make a shift pattern but the truth was he didn't know if there were enough senior enlisted people to mentor the remaining juniors. That, however, might be the better of the two evils at least people would be rested which could be the difference between a mistake and not. As Abel was walking the corridors he became aware he was still in his deck gear and became even more aware he had not been out of it since before the attack. Not the best way to appear before the CO he thought in his head but the tiredness told him they had little choice. He reached the CO's Quarters he knocked the door before waiting for a response.

Aurore had spent the last few hours considering her options in the wake of the original attack and their new discovery after getting back home. This war had only just started an by all measures they had lost. How to move on and keep the crew from losing hope was going to be key. As she heard the knock she nodded at the Marine on the inside of the hatch to open it so the visitor could come inside. "Chief, thank you for getting here so fast"

Abel walked into the room nodding to the Marine before turning to the Colonel raising his eyebrows, "No problem boss, when the Skip calls you come. It's not like there is a good time to leave the deck at the moment." He moved closer to the Colonel and spoke quietly so as to not be overheard, "Is something going on Boss. I know the Commanders dead but is the guard needed?" There was a vibe and rumours going about, he had heard Cylons could look like them which was a dangerous rumour which he had squashed on the deck. Did the Colonel think this could be true? He had known her for a long time, sure she was a pilot but she wasn't rash, his brain tried to rationalise another reason? Marines where for internal threat, they could not stop raiders heavy or otherwise. What internal threat makes sense? They could help repel boarders but this was not a first stage defence point.

Abel was not the smartest Aerilon, that was probably Dr Baltar but he was no idiot and if the Colonel was going to take him for one it was going to be a hard prospect. He had a lot of respect for the Colonel he hoped that this was not going to change, he knew command changed people but he was one of the most if not the most senior non commissioned officer on the ship hell maybe in the universe. The weight was as heavy on his shoulders, the officers gave the commands but it was people like him who got the jobs done. "Colonel we have known each other a long time, I'd appreciate straight shooting here."

Aurore nodded. "Leave us" She said after which the guard nodded and walked out, closing the hatch behind him. "Nothing we speak about leaves this room. Only the XO knows about the first thing I'm telling you and only the CIC crew knows about the second thing for now" She said, worry clear on her face. "The explosion that killed the Commander happened before the attack so whoever did it, we have a murderer on the ship and likely one who works with the Cylons, as for the second part. Based on the information we're getting, the Cylons attacked everywhere and destroyed the Twelve Colonies. No matter what we try, we are not getting a response on any channel and everywhere we jump we encounter either combat or destruction"

Abel tensed as the marine left it didn't feel right, He nodded as the Colonel spoke, "From your mouth to the gods' ears." What followed shook him at his core, "Someone Killed the Old Man?" His eyebrows shot up and anger started to rise up in him, "Before the attack? Do we know if explosives went missing from any locker in particular?" His voice lowered, "There is a rumour going about, Boss, now I've been squashing it on the deck but now I don't know if it isn't true. Is it possible they look like us? I suppose that's a better thought than the idea one of our own turned against us."

He let out all the air and held himself up on his arms and sheer force of will, "They destroyed the Col......." the words stuck in his thought, "Even Aerilia?" He knew what the answer was but he basically was being told every member of his family was dead, it was not easy to hear. He didn't see the Dradis signals, he wasn't an officer, he trusted them to do the right thing and they trusted him to get the vipers out as fast as possible. "Do we have a plan?"

"At this moment we can't rule out anything, we have heard the rumours ourselves but nothing concrete to back it up so for now we are operating under the assumption that a member of the crew is collaborating with the Cylons. The XO is leading the hunt for whoever is responsible so I am not too aware of the details of that investigation myself" She said, pausing to drink some water from her glass. "As far as we can tell, all of them Chief. Right now our plan is to figure out a plan. We are receiving distress signals from Colonial ships so our people are still out there. We are going to rescue as many as we can and then jump the frak out of here to figure out what we can do. I will also be addressing the crew tomorrow to inform them"

Closing his eyes he took a few deep breaths, "A Collaborator I am not sure if that's even worst? Someone working against their own race and working to end it entirely. We need to scoop the rest of the human race up, we can not let those fracking toasters beat us. It is not happening, I have not served for 11 years to go gently into the night. But I guess we are going to need to dig deep. We are going to need to look for resources, its best to go looking before we really really need them. We can make ammunition etc but we'll need the stuff to make them soon enough. That's one of the things we really really don't want to run out of."

Aurore nodded. "You are of course entirely correct, Chief. And gathering resources is definitely on our list of priorities. The first priority is finding out what has survived however and that is what we are working on now"

It was not an ideal situation not even close but they were going to have to deal with it the best they could. Abel clenched his jaw a little, "The crew is not going to react well to this Boss, it's going to take a lot of work from the officers to keep this from spiralling downwards. This is going to get very very bad before it gets even slightly better."

"You are correct, and it's not just the Officers who will need to do the heavylifting if we want to make it out of this. I know how the crew thinks of Officers, Chief. Many of your people think we are arrogant stuck-up motherfrakkers and for quite a few that's probably correct. If we want to make it through this we need to show that regardless of station. Officer, enlisted, command or fighter maintenance, we are one family. I like to think you and I have always been able to be honest to each other and you are the ranking enlisted member of the Hypatia. I'd like to ask you to join me and the XO when I address the crew. Show everyone that while our home may be gone, we are one" Aurore said.

He rolled his eyes, “Ma’am with all due respect but you fly boys call us knuckle draggers and complain when anything is a picometer out of alignment. Your young pilots don’t do any favours in enamouring themselves to us lowly fixers.” He paused to contemplate what he was about to say, “if you want universal trust here your going to need officers from each department and petty officers like me. Well not like me because none are made like me.” He gave a smile and continued, “Have you spoke with the marines too? I assume they are involved in the investigation? But if you need me to stand behind you because you think that’ll make people feel safe, I’ll stand up, hell I’ll give a rousing speech if you need it.”

Aurore chuckled at the not so humble brag. This is why she always enjoyed working with Abel. He was honest. "I have placed Major Ramsey in charge of the investigation due to delicacy of the matter and that only a few departments have access to the tools to the explosives. Including the Marines. The Major has free reign in this investigation but he is using the Marines yes. And I get what you're saying, this is a war for the long haul and we need our crew to feel safe and for everyone to feel appreciated. I can't change Colonial Fleet culture but I do value the opinions of all my departments. Thank you for accepting Abel. It's the first good thing that has happened these past few days"

He laughed slightly, "Ma'am I don't really have much of a choice Boss, we are literally all in this together. we will soon see what the crew are made of but with some delicate guidance from the senior staff we might well just get out of this with humanity intact." He stood up and let out a sigh, "If there is nothing else Ma'am, the birds won't fix themselves and I don't like letting the kids play unsupervised."

Aurore nodded with a smile. "No thank you Chief, good luck"


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