Battlestar Hypatia

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The Deck of Debate

Posted on Thu Aug 15th, 2019 @ 10:08pm by Chief Petty Officer Abel Yannik & Captain Michelle "Ghost" Rochelle

Mission: Episode 1: Returning Home
Location: The Flight Deck
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1900

Abel was working on a broke down Viper, he was by himself because other teams were busy fixing the ships ready to be turned around quickly. The holes in the frame were bad but not beyond the ability to be patched but the electronics were causing more than a few issues. Jets firing without input, guns auto firing it was a dangerous project so he was as isolated as he could be. It needed to be fixed and he would make it safe for the main teams to work on.

Michelle had finished a debrief with the pilots that had come from their patrol run and walked out onto the flight deck to see what was going on. Several of her birds were being refuelled and repaired for their turn arounds, when she saw one viper off in a deserted part of the deck being worked on by a Chief Petty Officer. After inspecting her own viper, she headed for this broken down viper. "Hey, there Chief, how goes the battle? Looks like the toasters did a number on her huh?", Michelle asked?

Looking up he nodded slightly, "Not sure that's the whole story here. Sure it's been shot up pretty good but there are gremlins I can't explain. Misfires and jets firing." Abel was pulling out chips and wiring looms, "What can I do for you, Captain. I assume this is not a social visit if things are not getting done as fast as you'd like then I can't do much about that. We're running fast on fumes with fewer people than I'd like." He started pulling the chips and looms on the crates in order, he would examine them in detail but he might need to talk to CIC, to see if the chips were not corrupt.

" I am not here for a bitch job......", she said laughing. "I am between flights and I saw you working on her and was interested. You said gremlins. Misfirings, and weird shit right?", Michelle stated. "You suspect maybe sabotage?", she asked.

Abel Smiled, "Sabotage maybe, maybe just circuits have gone haywire, maybe the Cylons did something, it's too early to say anything other than its extremely dangerous at the moment. So I am stripping back to metal to make it safe to be here otherwise we would have to blow it up and we can't spare vipers."

"Well in that case maybe we should beef up security for my vipers hete, ya think?", Michelle asked.

Chuckling Abel looked up from the panel, "Security to protect against what? Sure if this was a person coming in and messing things up that'd help but it would slow the maintenance going on, what if its a virus or maybe just circuits got messed with by radiation or a hundred other things. We can't jump to worst case straight away, it would just put people on edge and we have enough of that going around Captain." He kept stripping out circuits as he did the misfiring jets and strange behaviour reduced greatly.

"Well if it isn't sabotaged and not gremlins then maybe the circuits were damaged and went un-noticed by whoever assembled the craft or system", Michelle replied.

"As I said, can't tell yet whats the cause, everything seems to be in the right place but the chips might have been written wrong or wires faulty we will need to wait for the chips to get checked to confirm if its mechanical or software issues? You heading anywhere near the CIC? If you are would you do me a favour and ask the Officer of the Watch to run checks and rewrite them if they are faulty?"

"Sure Chief, not a problem. I would be happy to as I am headed that way anyhow", Michelle said smiling.

Abel put the chips into a box labelling each with what they should be, "Might shed light on if this is just a really bad accident or sabotage. Anyway thanks Captain. I'll keep plodding away at the mechanicals and see if anything pops from that."

"I'll see to it the Officer of the Watch gets it", Michelle said as she took the box with the chips and headed for CIC.


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