Battlestar Hypatia

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Posted on Wed Jun 19th, 2019 @ 6:19pm by Petty Officer, 1st Class Ava Viers & Major Noah Ramsey

Mission: Episode 1: Prelude to War
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 1745

One hour and fifteen minutes.

Major Noah Ramsey, the man temporarily elevated to the position of XO on the Hypatia by virtue of being the most senior officer after the new CO, had spent one hour and fifteen minutes conducting his informal investigation so far and had got nowhere. Well, that wasn't strictly true. He had started by talking with the marines that had been in the area outside the CIC where the explosion had seemingly originated. All had ruled out seeing anything suspicious. The XO had then spoken to every member of the damage control team with the exception of Petty Officer Viers who he had now summoned to the wardroom for a 'conversation'. If she knew nothing, then he had no idea where to go next, if anywhere. Perhaps he had been right and no one had been responsible? He hated the very notion that someone on the crew could be involved, but he would diligently follow his orders to the best of his ability.

Ava had just finished a very long day, with the nuke that threatened to split the entire ship in half, the massive damage throughout the Hypatia and half her people dead she knew overtime was going to be the norm for a while. She really didn't look forward to meeting with the XO who, while she adored the man, probably was going to have something to say on the relative lack of progress so far but alas orders were orders. After reaching his wardroom she knocked on the door to announce her presence.

Noah was sat at the desk, writing something in his log book when he heard the rattle of a knock at the door. He looked up and smiled. "Come in Ava," he welcomed her, gesturing to the seat opposite him as he concluded writing in his book. When he eventually closed it he sat back and sighed. "What a day..."

Ava smiled as she walked in. "Thank you, Noah" she replied as she sat down in her chair. She had always learned to keep a smile up permanently no matter how things were going. A sense of positivity never hurt anyone. "You can say that, I think I'll find bolts and screws in the weirdest places for the next decade with all the work and wreckage we've been working through."

Noah listened to the head of the damage teams and nodded slowly at her response. He could sympathise with her, having been an Engineer himself until only eight months ago. "Listen, I've been talking with all the people near the CIC at the time of the explosion," he began, "I just wanted to check to see if anyone spotted anything that might have contributed to the explosion? It was a pretty severe explosion considering there was no hull breach in that section..." he trailed off, no doubt having made his point.

Ava thought carefully. "Ehm... I don't know... It's probably nothing and I don't want to get her in any trouble if it's nothing" She said as her survival instincts took over and she saw a chance her to sow further discord while saving her own skin. "Last night I saw the Colonel in the CIC outside of her shift which never happens. She was at the command table for a few minutes... Like I said, it's probably nothing but it did seem odd."

Noah raised an eyebrow as he listened to the womans' words. "At the command table you say?" he queried again. "Any idea what she was doing there?"

Ava shook her head. "Perhaps she forgot something from her previous shift. I can't see her being responsible for the Commander's death. We both have heard the rumours that there was going on more there than just a professional relationship. It just seemed odd that she was there"

Noah shrugged his shoulders and pursed his lips slightly. "I don't know... She's the XO, she goes where she wants," he countered before sitting forward in his chair. "And there is nothing else?"

"Like I said, it's probably nothing. But you did ask about things that could have contributed, everything else was normal for as long as I was there" Ava replied.

There was that slow, thoughtful nod of his again. It always surfaced whenever he was mulling something over, something not particularly pleasant. Then, suddenly, he sat forward in his chair and smiled. "Any idea on when the damage will be fixed?" he queried, changing the subject.

"A few hours for us to be in decent shape again, but I'll be honest. I'd rather have us spend a few weeks at Scorpia to deal with all the damage caused" Ava replied.

"You'll be lucky," Noah scoffed as he rose to his feet, "but I'll see what I can do for you. Thank you for your time, Miss Viers," he smiled as he dismissed her, all formal like.

Ava smiled. "Thank you, mister Ramsey" She said before walking out.


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