Battlestar Hypatia

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Bomb Disposal 101

Posted on Wed Jun 19th, 2019 @ 6:21pm by Commander Aurore Graystone & Petty Officer, 1st Class Ava Viers & Captain Michelle "Ghost" Rochelle & Lieutenant Julian Durand

Mission: Episode 1: Prelude to War
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 0930

For the past hour they had been working on the specifics on how to start this operation, the more she looked into it the more Ava wished she had paid more attention to when they were trained on dealing with live ordnance. Then again, she didn't think a Cylon nuclear warhead ever came up.

"Lieutenant, the surrounding decks have been cleared and my teams report that they are ready to deal with any eventuality" Ava said as she approached Lieutenant Durand.

“You can call me Jules, Ava,” he replied with a soft chuckle. “We’ve known each other too long to be stuffy. Alright if my...slap shot training with nukes is still any good, we should be able to disarm it pretty quickly. I’m gonna see if I can access any of the internal networking, try to disarm it that way. Hopefully I don’t blow us all to Hell.”

"Sorry, with now having to call the Colonel, well Colonel it's becoming hard to remember where not to use rank" Ava replied with a smile. "I do hope to keep my pretty face intact we will end up doing it with a bit more than slap shot training"she joked as she looked over the schematics. "It should work, I'll contact the CAG to confirm we are proceeding" she added as she turned around to one of the telephones and grabbed it. "Viers to CIC, please forward me to Raptor 1" She said as she waited for a few seconds until the clicking confirmed she had been forwarded. "Captain, we're ready to go here. Prepare to hook onto the warhead on our mark"

"Roger that Viers, preparing to hook up on your mark", Michelle said calmly.

“Ugh, frak this is ugly,” Julian complained. “They’ve got this all networked together in a way it’s almost impossible to make heads or tails. I might have to dig into the command structure itself just to disable anything.”

"Mind if I look?" Ava said as she moved closer and reviewed some of the information on the system. "Perhaps if you created a short in that circuit, you could override the control system" She suggested as she admired the ingenuity that was the missile design used by the Cylons.

Julian looked down, and nodded as his brain made the connection to what the Damage Control Specialist was referring to. "Yeah, that could do it. Nice. Okay, I'm going to short the circuit here, and get into the control system of the nuke itself. Why don't..." He looked up at her and grimaced. "Listen, this shit could go sideways real quick, and it's way above your pay grade. Why don't you head back to a safe-ish distance, and I'll handle the rest."

Ava nodded. "Good luck Jules, please don't get blown up" She said before stepping back and getting to the security barrier, though she had to wonder how much of that security barrier was symbolic considering the nature of the threat.

Julian nodded, and got to work. He boggled for a moment that the woman was able to so quickly and accurately diagnose the issue. He triggered the short circuit, and watched as the various displays all went completely blank. Better result than he’d expected, by a long shot. He turned to the com console on the wall, and announced, “Attention. Clear the deck. Decompression in thirty seconds. Damage control teams, suit up and prepare to secure the breach.” Switching the channel, he said, “Hey Ghost its Jules. Gimme thirty seconds to get behind a bulkhead and you can pull this frakker out of the hull and hurl it somewhere far away.”

"Jules do your thing. Don't worry about me, just say when and let me do the rest", Ghost said. Michelle knew just how dangerous this could be and what the effects of a nuclear explosion can do.

Julian quickly made his way behind the bulkhead, and triggered the mechanism to close it. He took a deep breath and blinked a couple times to clear his thoughts. Looking down at his timepiece he counted a full 30 seconds, before announcing, “Attention: standby for decompression. Ghost, go.”

Not waiting Michelle pulled constantly until the nuke pulled free allowing the vaccuum of space to decompress the fighter bay. Once she was clear, "Jules, I got the ball on my way to drop it off out of range of the ship", Michelle hollered. Giving her viper more speed she towed it further out when it suddenly exploded on its own, catching Michelle viper in the recoil. "Oh fracker!........", was the last thing she said.

Ava was pushed back as the shockwave of the nuclear explosion shook the ship. "Fraking pilots"she mumbled as she got up again and moved to a comms panel. "DCTs, secure breach area. Investigate surrounding decks for possible additional breaches." She ordered before closing the comm and activating it again. "Jules, Ava here. How are you?"

"I'm alive," Jules replied into his own comm panel. The two seemed to be separated by the compartment. "Looks like the bulkheads kept it contained. Break. Ghost, you alive out there?"

Michelle's viper had ejected her pod as the explosion crippled her viper, automatically sending the distress signal. Badly hurt and unconscious, there was no response from her at all.

With no contact coming in from the CAG, Ava again activated the wall panel. "Viers to CIC, we have lost contact with the CAG. Send SAR Raptor"


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