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Chief Petty Officer Abel Yannik

Name Abel Yannik

Position Chief of the Deck

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Colony Aerilon
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description He is an above average tall man, he has muscles developed from growing up on a farming and mining colony where he would help his parents with work when he was not at school, these where not reduced by the heavy labour required to do his job. He didn’t need to hit the gym his work contained all the physical exertion he needed. His hands are scarred from cuts and scraps gained from sticking his hands into tight spaces to fix machines. His short military hair cut can give him a stern look but it is soon softened when he smiles.


Father Thomas Yannik
Mother Cassandra Yannik

Personality & Traits

General Overview Abel is a down to earth guy, he grew up poor but in a loving home. His parents did everything to make sure he had the best chances in life but he was not spoiled he worked very hard to get where he was. He is a very level headed and calm man in most situations but he hates when people waste their talents or just coast by. He respects hard work as his parents instilled in him no problem is insurmountable and with hard work and the right plan you can accomplish anything. He will protect his friends and family with all his soul but if you betray him then it is eternal there is no forgiveness for betrayal.

Before the Fall Abel was born on Aerilon to Cassandra and Thomas Yannik, Thomas was a Farmer and Cassandra was a Miner. They made a vow to themselves that no matter what they where going to make sure their son was not going to do what they did. The farming and mining had took a great toll on their bodies and while they enjoyed their life they thought that there was more their son could do in the universe.

They worked hard to make sure Abel had as many opportunities as was possible for them to provide, Abel was a decent student going to school on the weekdays and helping his parents on the weekend. Abel had a natural affinity for machines and found he could breakdown and rebuild a lot of different machines. As he got older and he learned more about the colonies, he wanted to travel to other colonies and see if he could make a name for himself. He decided the best way to do so was to go the agriculture and mechanical college and get his degree in Aviation Maintenance and recovery.

The four years of his course included extensive theoretical and practical lessons on the structure of Vipers, Raptors, dropships and transports in short any small craft. He was taught in the mechanical and electrical systems, how to identify and correct faults as well as common issues that arise. By the end of his course he had completed four thousand hours of hands on experience more than double what other courses offer. Abel had thought about joining a merchant crew where he would be able to travel all over the colonies but before he could make any plans he was approached by a Colonial Fleet recruiter. The recruiter offered him a job at crewman level because of his extensive training he would be able to enlist at E3 crewman level.

Abel spoke to his parents and while they where a little worried as being on a Battlestar was dangerous which would be ironic as it would he would be alive more than a decade later when so many others wouldn’t. Ultimately his parents where happy and insisted he sent letters as often as he could and return when he got any leave. Abel agreed to write as often as he could but depending where he was deployed it might not be that often. Abel went through six months training which taught him the military skills he would need in the fleet that he lacked from his education.

After completing his training, he was deployed to the Battlestar Cingar which was an Orion class Battlestar affectionately known as the pocket Battlestar. It had a small Viper and Raptor detachment and a disproportionally small deck crew. This was where the young Abel would become a man as he soon became aware of what would be expected of him and a strict Chief of the deck who kicked his ass when he slacked. Working 12 hour shifts he was taught how things where done in the real world, where in theory you might need to do a complete disassemble after 1000 flights it was never done in reality as it would require so many man hours and put the craft out of commission, instead short modular analysis where performed more regularly. To begin with Abel didn’t think that he would be able to last on board but his Chief, Chief Lasner, told him that there was only two ways to get of the ship transfer authorised by the captain or in a body bag and the chief was not going to allow either to happen till Abel gave everything he had to give. When Abel was transferred off the vessel as a Petty Officer, he thanked Chief Lasner for making sure he stayed.

Abel then moved to the Battlestar Longrel which was same class as Galactica, It was old which brought its own challenges. His three-year tour on the Longrel was interesting as he saw how things where done in the Cylon war, the ship still used the older vipers and used older methods of launching and retrieving the fighters. Where his first assignment was learning how things where done in the real world this deployment was more about how to manage people as a petty officer, he was supervising maintenance crews making sure other peoples work was up to snuff. All the while learning the layout and procedures of the new ship. Like before the Chief of the Deck took him under his wing mentoring him in how to conduct himself as he was no longer green his new chief taught him about managing people and knowing what different people needed to get the best out of them. As a supervisor he now had more interactions with the pilots who where officers and often complained about the work his team did. Like all good leaders he shielded his people from the ire taking the blame on his shoulders and telling the pilots that his people do the best work in the fleet. This came to a head when he engaged in a stand up fight with one of the most arrogant pilots of the ship who said he crashed the landing because the gear was bent, Abel had personally done the repairs himself and while it was possible he made a mistake it was more likely the cock sure pilot botched the landing and wanted to pass blame. The argument was about to come to blows when the Cag pulled the pilot and dressed him down in front of the whole deck, Abel didn’t get off scot free as the chief tore him a new one but his team saw the lengths, he would go to fight their corner and he gained their respect. The team became the best team on the deck boasting the least vehicle failures and quickest turn arounds. After his three years Abel had learned so much about leading a team and as he was eligible to be promoted and no PO1 positions where free on the Longrel he was transfer to the new Battlestar Hypatia.

As a new Petty Officer first class, he was expected to supervise more than one team, which brought its own challenges. Instead of being in the ‘trenches’ with his own team but instead managing lots of teams. So yet again he was learning, now he had to learn to manage people without micromanaging everything they did. He still did hands on work but much less most of his job now was making sure his section of the deck was running at its peak performance. Like all deployments he had to adapt and like all new ships he sought out the chief of the deck for advice as he had always found them good mentors, Chief Artra. She talked to him like an equal telling him about the struggles and stresses of being a leader, telling him that a leader is not always being your subordinates’ friends. That it was required sometimes to be the bad guy but if you did so with an even and fair hand people would respect you.

Abel struggled at the beginning with his new role, having to be less hands on with the actual repair of fighters and more management of people. While he had always been supervising people, it was not the same, he was within eye range and could see if they where doing something wrong. Now he had to trust they where doing it right that the people in his old roles are watching over them like he did. It was very tricky for him but he became aware why his bosses did what they did before as he was now balancing man hours and resources trying to solve the efficiency puzzle that would never be solved. Some of his juniors thought they could take advantage of the new petty officer first class but they where sorely wrong as while he still had the urge to be friends with his subordinates that was quickly squashed when they started to turn up tardy and unkempt. Abel wrote the mechanics up after a talking to failed to stick, when they returned to their team the behaviour had been corrected. The years ahead was a learning experience for him going from an entirely hands on mechanic to a manager. He matured in his time on the Hypatia as it became apparent people were looking to him for advice and guidance, with only a decade of service he was the sage one.

After the Fall After the first fight with the cylons, Chief Artra was killed and as he watched he body he knew he needed to get his people back to their jobs or the ship was going to be a sitting duck. He stood on top of the crate and told them that Chief Artra would not want the ship to go down or more people to die so they better get to work. The initial fight took its toll on the crew and its fighters, miracles where performed in those days and when the dust settled, they needed a new chief. Given his calmness under pressure and how he handled the situation Abel was made a Chief Petty officer and Chief of the deck. Now everything sat on his shoulders but after the cylon attack one thing was clear to Abel, he was made to do this and he would make sure they payed back the cylons ten fold for what they did to his friends.
Service Record 15-11 BCH Promethea A&M: Aerospace Maintenance and Recovery Degree 4 years
11 BCH Enlisted Colonial Fleet: Maintenance tech
11-7 Battlestar Cingar: Aviation Maintenance Mate: Crewman – Petty Officer Second Class
7-4 Battlestar Longrel: Lead Aviation Maintenance Mate: Petty Officer Second Class
4 BCH – current Battlestar Hypatia: Aviation Maintenance Mate – Chief of the Deck: Petty Officer First Class – Chief Petty officer